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"When your feet hurt, you hurt all over!"

Matthew Loudis, DPM

Foot care Foot care

No matter what type of podiatry issue you have, Dr. Loudis is committed to providing you and your whole family with comprehensive, conservative solutions to all your foot care problems.  


Surgical treatment is limited to minor skin biopsy and soft tissue (wart removal, ingrown nail correction) only.


Dr. Loudis handles all your details and concerns personally.


He is committed to spending as much time with you as you need.

•   Thick, curved nails

•   Corns, callouses

•   Pain

•   Ingrown nails

•   Infections

•   Diabetic feet

•   Poor circulation

•   Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Spurs

•   Conservative Bunion and Hammertoe Care

•   Ankle injuiries

•   Sports injuries

•   Children (Intoeing, walking problems)


Compassionate, experienced family foot care services for:


Conservative family foot care options

When you choose Berks-Lebanon Podiatry Center for your family's foot care, you are getting over 27 years of quality experience. Dr. Loudis offers personalized and comprehensive solutions for all your foot care needs.

Personalized podiatry services

Many problems related to foot pain are the result of faulty biomechancics.  In most cases they can be effectively dealt with conservatively avoiding major surgery.

Biomechanically-caused issues

We work with you and your insurance company to provide the care you deserve.


Please click on the insurance page for more information.

Most insurance plans accepted

Dr. Loudis will take you and your family through a range of assessments to determine which orthotic product best fits your needs, including less costly prefabricated inserts.


Specialty shoes are also available for a wide range of structural foot issues.

Prescription orthotics and shoes for all ages